GEDACOLOR machines

Machines for sign manufacturers – for processing anodized signs / aluminum signs of all kinds.

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Overview of machines


GEDA exposure devices

Lightweight, compact exposure devices with blue-actinic UV fluorescent tubes.
Type AY 320, AY 360, EX 304

Data sheet (151 KB)

GEDA seal bath

The labeled or colored Gedakop® aluminum photo plates are sealed (compacted) in the final step.
Type HB 320, 1000

Data sheet (157 KB)

GEDA circular saw

Professional and time-saving cutting of Gedakop® aluminum photo panels, plexiglass and plastics of all kinds.
Varga type VA11, VA21-15

Data sheet (132 KB)

GEDA cutter

With the GEDA cutter, Gedakop® aluminum photo plates and similar materials such as metal sheets, glass resin plates, plastics, etc. are cut precisely and cleanly.

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GEDA toggle press

Hand-operated toggle press for punching or punching Gedakop® aluminum photo plates, or precisely rounding off the plate corners. Type Jossi KP 2.1 N

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GEDA-Coater 550

GEDA Coater 550

The GEDA-Coater 550 is the ideal roller coating machine for the Gedakop® aluminum photo system.
Coating machine

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