Make your own GEDACOLOR aluminum signs using anodized printing

The GEDACOLOR semi-finished products for the production of aluminum anodized signs, such as machine signs, nameplates or industrial signs, are known and popular worldwide due to their versatility and excellent price-performance ratio. The GEDACOLOR aluminum anodized signs are extremely durable and will therefore give you joy even after years, thanks to the high-quality anodized colors from GEDACOLOR.

The special thing about our system is that the anodizing process is interrupted so that our special colors can penetrate the aluminum pores that have not yet been compacted. You then simply continue anodising (compacting/sealing). This closes the pores and the color is now hermetically sealed in the aluminum oxide layer (anodized layer) and is therefore weather-resistant, solvent-resistant, scratch-resistant, graffiti-proof and temperature-resistant for years.

We offer our customers four options for producing anodized aluminum signs with GEDACOLOR products.

In addition to our standard sizes, we are also happy to produce individual cuts according to your specifications.


Open-pored aluminum with light-sensitive photo layer.
Ideal for individual items and small series of up to approx. 6 copies. No specialist knowledge is required. Possible print templates include: offset, screen printing or red films/masking films, polyester inkjet or laser exposure films. With the GEDAKOP system you can make GEDAKOP copies in minutes.
Our GEDACOLOR photo colors are specially tailored for the GEDAKOP system.

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This system is particularly suitable for screen printing. Since the open-pored aluminum is sensitive to contamination and fingerprints, the GEDALU panels are equipped with a special protective coating. The material can only be printed with our GEDACOLOR screen printing inks (AS). The solvent-based paint passes through the protective layer so that it can penetrate the open anodized pores.

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Gedacolor digital printing plates

The open-pore anodized aluminum is optimized with a special pore size for direct printing in digital printing. The material can also be printed with our water-based GEDACOLOR screen printing inks (N).

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Laserstar engraving plates

Finished anodized and compacted aluminum plates with very good milling and engraving properties on all CNC machines. Thanks to the special anodizing process, they are also ideal for laser engraving with YAG, fiber and CO2 laser engraving machines.
The special thing about our laser star plates: They are available in natural and another 29 standard colors. Even your desired color similar to RAL or PANTONE is available as an option.
This means you get the world’s widest range of anodized colors from us!

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Korundal brass plates

High quality brass plates in engraving quality (MS58)

• bright rolled without protective varnish
• ground with baked protective varnish
• highly polished with baked protective varnish

The special baking varnish prevents tarnishing (oxidation), is also suitable for outdoor use compared to other engraving brass and can therefore be used perfectly for company signs, office signs and hotel signs.

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Gedacolor photo inks & screen printing inks

The world’s largest range of anodized colors

29 basic colors + mixed colors in RAL or Pantone of your choice!
For the production of aluminum signs / anodized signs of all kinds.
Eloxa colors as screen printing inks, photo inks and digital printing inks.

• Photo colors for Gedakop: 29 mixable photo colors in 50 and 500ml bottles
• Screen printing ink AS: 29 mixable screen printing colors for GEDALU screen printing plates in 1000g cans
• Screen printing ink N: 29 mixable screen printing colors for self-anodized or digitally printed aluminum plates in 1000g cans

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Museum signs