Where does GE DA come from?

GE DA COLOR is made up of GErry DAhinden. Gerry Dahinden Senior developed specialty chemistry and special colors for aluminum anodized negative printing in the 1970s.

Gerry Dahinden Junior founded this internationally active manufacturing and trading company in 1980, 7 years after his training as a screen printing specialist. Among other things, he developed the GEDA coating machine, with which the GEDAKOP aluminum photo plates are still coated today. He invested a lot of hard work and hard work in the worldwide distribution of the semi-finished sign products GEDAKOP and GEDALU. He established representations in over 20 countries worldwide, including Japan, Australia and South Africa.

In the 80s, Gerry Dahinden Junior founded the second company, Schilderkop AG, which focused on the production of industrial and advertising signs for the Swiss market and employed up to 12 people. In the mid-90s, the extremely active, second-generation company owner decided to reorient himself professionally in Greece, his second home. He sold Schilderkop AG to an external investor in 1996.

GEDACOLOR AG was taken over by Daniel Keller, who successfully led the company for another 30 years. In 2015 he took over the company Sigral from Wiernsheim (D) and expanded the range to include Korundal brass plates. He also pioneered the material and process for digital sub-anodized printing.

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The current owner and managing director Dennis Buhl (born 1985) took over the Schilder Buhl company from his father in 2009. Even as a child, he regularly helped in production and thus got to know the industry’s production, machines and materials very well.

In 2022, Daniel Keller was looking for a successor for GEDACOLOR AG and this opened up the opportunity to take over the reliable supplier from Switzerland. The company fits perfectly into the existing premises in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart and offers great synergy effects in the areas of machinery, warehouse and logistics.

With an export share of around 90%, GEDACOLOR is now even better positioned on the international and EU market. Due to Dennis Buhl’s extensive experience, you have an excellent contact person in all areas of sign production.

Dennis Buhl

owner and manager

GEDACOLOR advertising film

Albstraße 5/1
70806 Kornwestheim

Telephone: +49 (0)7154 / 80899-1
Fax: +49 (0)7154 / 80899-2
Email: info@gedacolor.com
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